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Rental Property Guide

Rental Property Owners

Do you own a rental property near Jersey Shore? If so, it’s likely that you’re familiar with all the sand and issues that come with the surrounding areas. When it comes to flooring, it can take a considerable toll! At Ramtown Carpet One Floor & Home, we understand that investing in new flooring for your rental can be a stressful, drawn-out process. As your local experts, we’re here to help you through it, advising on the best flooring options for your rental property and helping you understand why. We’ll also install new flooring for your space, working quickly and efficiently to make the process smooth and simple along the way.



Flooring Types

One of the best ways to have peace-of-mind for your space is by choosing the right type of flooring. Today’s market is full of options that are stain and wear-resistant, but which one is ideal for your space? Luxury vinyl plank is a top contender, and with past experience, we know that rental owners enjoy this type of flooring. Luxury vinyl plank is water-resistant and features dent and scratch-resistance as well. Whether you or your guests spill food, liquids, or make a mess with sand, you can trust that the mess can be cleaned quickly. Luxury vinyl plank doesn’t absorb liquids, so as long as you clean up immediately, you won’t have to worry about damage to your subfloors. Plus, luxury vinyl plank can be installed in nearly every area of your home like entryways, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and hallways.



Many people today continue to enjoy the soft, luxurious feel of carpet in bedrooms. Is it possible to have a carpeted space without having excessive maintenance? Today, technology has moved forward and made stain-resistant carpets that work with your life. Especially ideal for rental properties, Relax it’s…Lees® is just one brand that features carpets that are ultra-strong, and some are even pet-friendly!



Flooring Tips

When you think about your home and the many guests it’s exposed to; it’s no secret that you think about what kind of spills or accidents will happen. If you expect that you will have unknown guests, pets, or children, we recommend choosing flooring that is water-resistant or even waterproof. In addition, you should opt for stain and wear-resistant floors that can stand up to almost anything that is “thrown” at them. By selecting flooring that is waterproof and has built-in dent, scratch, and wear-resistance, you’ll be happy for years to come!


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