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COREtec Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Representing tomorrow’s generation of luxury vinyl flooring, COREtec is a flooring experience that is truly like no other. Offering up a universe of ways to enjoy waterproof flooring, COREtec’s enduring family of luxury vinyl products is here to address ALL of your design and functional needs. At Ramtown Carpet One Floor & Home you will discover a comprehensive inventory of fine COREtec flooring products.

In a world that’s overflowing with flooring choices, COREtec truly stands out. It boasts built-in barriers against water, wear, tear, and grime, yet has all the beautiful textures and visuals of finely-hewn hardwood. COREtec has just what you need in synthetic flooring: it’s hard-wearing, environmentally sustainable, and very easy to install. Made using recycled materials, with all the nature-inspired looks you love, COREtec is the ideal choice for stylish homeowners-on-the-go. It provides insulation, keeps your home free of harmful pathogens, and is literally MADE for life with pets and children.

COREtec Plus Products

coretec plus lvp

COREtec Plus

The perfect alternative to traditional luxury vinyl or laminates, COREtec Plus boasts commercial-grade durability, complete with a waterproof core. Bonus: its cork underlay makes for a much quieter floor. 

corectec plus xl luxury vinyl plank

COREtec Plus XL

Made for large-scale projects, you’ll love all the larger-than-life features of COREtec Plus XL. This super-sized flooring – one of the largest vinyl planks sold today- has everything you love about COREtec, but in a much bigger package. 

coretec plus xl enhanced lvp

COREtec Plus XL Enhanced

Created especially for larger commercial space, COREtec Plus XL Enhanced boasts the enhanced bevels and embossed wood-inspired grains for a bolder appearance. 

luxury vinyl flooring

COREtec Plus HD

Do you prefer your waterproof flooring in high-definition? COREtec Plus HD has the most realistic visuals, making a stronger statement, yet like all COREtec products, keeps moisture out.  

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